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Global Soccer, Global NYC

Soccer in NYC Reimagined Through the Rivalries, Identity, Migration, and Politics of the World's Game in the Preeminent Global City

"There is reason to party. Almost two decades of waiting for Nigeria is over. One of Africa’s most complex countries was united, even if only for a few moments. A reporter on the ground at the Teslim Balogun Stadium in Lagos said, “nothing political, nothing religious matters, only the Super Eagles.”"
- Firdose Moonda, Sunday, brilliant Sunday
"The transnational cultural ties connecting migrants and their places of origin are as varied in form, content and reach as the class and ethnoracial composition of the migration population itself. …Soccer and music, are perhaps the most important ‘national’ symbols, which seem to cross class and regional lines. As one of our informants put it, ‘one of the few things that unite Colombians within and outside the country is soccer.’ Soccer in Colombia generates more followers and interest than almost any other expression of Colombian life."
- Luis Eduardo Guarnizo and Luz Marina Díaz, Transnational migration: a view from Colombia