Global Soccer, Global NYC

Soccer in NYC Reimagined Through the Rivalries, Identity, Migration, and Politics of the World's Game in the Preeminent Global City

Match Itinerary  

-         9-23-12 Manchester United vs. Liverpool (England) at 8:30 am (at Smithfield or in Sunnyside/Woodside)… North West Derby

-       10-6-12 Chivas vs. América (Mexico) at 6:00 pm (at La Jungla or Taqueria Coatzingo in Jackson Heights)… Superclásico de Mexico

-       10-7-12 FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid (Spain) at 1:30 pm (at Casa Galicia in Astoria)… El Clásico

-       10-10-12 Club Sport Emelec vs. Barcelona Sporting Club (Ecuador) at 8 pm (live at Red Bulls Arena in Harrison, NJ)… El Clásico del Astillero

-       10-28-12 Boca Juniors vs. River Plate (Argentina) at 2 pm (at Boca Juniors Steakhouse in Elmhurst)… Superclásico

-       11-15-12 Colombia vs. Brazil at 8 pm (live at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ)… International ‘Friendly’ 

-       11-23-12 Flamengo vs. Vasco da Gama (Brazil) at 11:00 am (at Villa Café Brazil Grill, Rio Market, Joe’s Pizzeria, and Copacabana Steakhouse in Astoria)… Clássico dos Milhões 

-       12-8-12 Panathinaikos vs. Olympiakos (Greece) at 12:30 pm (at Olympiacos FC Supporters Club NY in Astoria)… Derby of Eternal Enemies

-       1-19-13 South Africa vs. Cape Verde at 11:00 am (at Madiba in Fort Greene)… Africa Cup of Nations

-       1-26-13 Côte d’Ivoire vs. Tunisia at 10:00 am (at New Ivoire Restaurant in Harlem)… Africa Cup of Nations

-       1-27-13 Morocco vs. South Africa at 12:00 pm (at Casa Lounge in Astoria)… Africa Cup of Nations

-       2-2-13 Ghana vs. Cape Verde at 10:00 am (at Meytex Cafe in Flatbush)… Africa Cup of Nations

-       2-10-13 Nigeria vs. Burkina Faso at 1:30 pm (at The Shrine in Harlem)… Africa Cup of Nations 

-       5-24-14 TBD vs. TBD at 2:30 pm (at TBD)… UEFA Champions League Final 

-       6-10-14 Ireland vs. Portugal at 7:00 pm (live at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ)… International ‘Friendly’  

-       6-14-14 Colombia vs. Greece at 11:30 am (at Lenos Bar or Xtasis in Jackson Heights)… 2014 World Cup

-       6-14-14 Uruguay vs. Costa Rica at 2:30 pm (at La Gran Uruguaya Bakery in Jackson Heights)… 2014 World Cup

-       6-14-14 England vs. Italy at 5:30 pm (at Grotta Azzurra in Little Italy)… 2014 World Cup

-       6-14-14 Ivory Coast vs. Japan at 8:30 pm (at New Ivoire in Harlem)… 2014 World Cup

-       6-15-14 Switzerland vs. Ecuador at 11:30 am (at Roosevelt Tropical in Woodside)… 2014 World Cup

-       6-15-14 Argentina vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina at 5:30 pm (at Boca Juniors Steakhouse in Elmhurst)… 2014 World Cup

-       6-18-14 Cameroon vs. Croatia at 5:30 pm (at The Permanant Mission of Cameroon to the UN in East Midtown)… 2014 World Cup

-       6-21-14 Germany vs. Ghana at 2:30 pm (at Meytex Enterprises in Flatbush)… 2014 World Cup

-       6-21-14 Nigeria vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina at 5:30 pm (at Buka in Clinton Hill)… 2014 World Cup

-       6-22-14 South Korea vs. Algeria at 2:30 pm (at Sik Gaek in Flushing and/or Cafe Borbone in Astoria)… 2014 World Cup

-       6-22-14 United States vs. Portugal at 5:30 pm (at Jack Dempsey’s in Midtown)… 2014 World Cup